Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pattern Mix

I played around with a simple pattern mixing today. If you hadn't already noticed, I stayed with an all blue hue and did floral and stripes. 

Dorky look

I also curled my hair. I usually just do a simple blow dry and go but, today my naturally wavy/curly hair had started to dry and I used a brush to add some curls and then just finished it off with a thick barreled curling iron.

My wardrobe staple the last week has been my J.Crew cords, I have a few pairs and they are some nice colors so it's an easy way to get dressed, stay warm and still sort of look like spring is really here. A pink bubble bead necklace added a contrasting pop of color.

But the real fun winner in this outfit was my newly thrifted Stuart Weitzman jelly flats. Yesterday I checked out a local thrift store that had made a location change. I wasn't expecting much and as I picked up a few 50 cent shirts and shorts (crewcuts) for my daughter. I scanned the womens section, walked over to the shoes, spied these cuties (brand new), picked them up, Stuart Weitzman, and then did a little jig when I saw they were my size!

A quick look online turned up a retail price of $140. I handed over two bucks!

Shirt, Cardigan, Necklace: Target (all >1year)
Cords: J.Crew
Shoes: Stuart Weitzman: Thrifted

I'm linked up at WIWW at the pleated poppy.


  1. I love your pattern mixing... but am SUPER jealous about your amazing thrifted shoe find! Go you!

  2. Cute! I love the bright pop of color from your necklace :)

  3. You are pattern mixing like a pro, I love this outfit! I also love the pop of color from the necklace, it really adds that finishing touch to the outfit.