Thursday, October 25, 2012

Call me Mayle

While going through my favorite consignment shop this summer I found this 100% silk Mayle dress. I must have over looked this dress in months previous because I found it pushed to the sale rack for $3.00! I thought the geometric print was current looking and I always love a shirt dress.

I brought it in the dressing room, tried it on and was amazed at how it was cut. It fits my body wonderfully. I bought it thinking that I would alter the length to make it more youthful. Not any more.

After I got home I was intrigued, the quality and fit of the dress were so impeccable, I wanted to know more about the designer or manufacturer. Enter, Google and let my education begin. Mayle, designed and produce in the USA was founded by the former model, Jane Mayle. Her collections were known for their femininity and her appeal was to the retro-vintage feminine aesthetic. Jane started her own line in 1999 and discontinued it in 2008. Unfortunately it seems she wasn't into the mainstay style of fashion merchandising and became frustrated with the fast fashion movement.  Many women were disappointed when she no longer produced her beautiful silk dresses and vintage looking blouses. Since 2008 she still has been producing some clothes. She managed a pop up boutique in NYC and also designed a collection of handbags this fall 2012 for Club Monaco. I now know how lucky I am to own this dress.

Final Styling.
I was undecided how I would wear this dress and finally settled on black pointy flats and the tough vibe of vegan leather jacket.

Dress: Mayle-thrifted
Shoes: Sam Edelman Isador-thrifted
Jacket: JouJou-thrifted
Clutch: Juicy Couture-thrifted


pleated poppy


  1. this dress fits you like it was made for you! and i love it with the jacket. i love studying up where thrift finds come from!

  2. Love this dress! It fits you wonderfully and I love it balanced out with the leather jacket. I agree with you and Two Birds, looking up where thrifted items come from is so fun!

  3. Wow, that's such a beautiful thrifty find! And isn't it such a great feeling when you find something that fits you so perfectly in a thrift store?