Saturday, February 4, 2012

Thrifted fun!

I am three weeks into my spring semester teaching load and I finally took off at 3:00 on Friday, picked up my girl and headed to our favorite and close by church thrift/consignment store (The Key). It has been over 7 weeks since I had thrifted and I was ready for some fun.  It was a low inventory week and the pickings were slim but I had a few ideas in mind and always find something to catch my eye. I ended up with the following $16 purchase: a mustard pair of GAP skinny cords (wearing right now), a felted wool J.Crew hat and a book. My girl fell in love with a unseasonable pair of pink CROC sandals and a summery pink dress! She looks adorable but, February in NY is not the time to wear croc's. She'll save them for the lake and put them to good use this summer.   See that smile....I can't wait to go!

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