Wednesday, May 30, 2012

So Hot!

Not me, the weather.

It has been gorgeous and I've been so hot, all I want to put on is something free and easy.

It was muggy this morning and this was the simplest outfit I could wear to go into town and still feel "put together".

I think the real star are the shoes....

By the time I got home and found time to take outfit pictures the heat broke with a pretty serious down pour. The temperatures dropped 25 degrees Fahrenheit. I love how refreshed everything feels after a rain on a hot day.

At first I thought this was a thrift free outfit, then I realized one of the bracelets I had on was thrifted! Phew, you guys might have lost respect for me!

Dress: Target
Necklace: Target
Shoes: Sofft via Marshall's (2010)
Bracelet: Monet (thrifted)

pleated poppy 

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Orange ya Glad?

I'm undecided if I should call this skirt color: orange, coral, or the Pantone color of spring 2012, tangerine tango.

I think I'll just keep it simple and stick with orange when I describe this fun bright color I paired with a black gingham button up, bib necklace and classic black pointed toe pumps. I might look like I'm ready to go out and tango but, the truth is this was just the outfit I wore for my daughter's ballet rehearsal. It was also an opportunity to carry my recently thrifted black Aldo envelop clutch. I spotted this little purse and thought it was cute with the faux black suede and gold piping detail and picked it up for $1.99. I was very surprised when I found it still for sale online at a retail price of $50!

Orange ya glad?

Shirt-thrifted (Liz Claiborne)
Pencil Skirt, Necklace, Belt-Target
Clutch-thrifted (Aldo
Shoes-Tommy Hilfiger (old)

Thursday, May 24, 2012


I found this skirt and I just loved the print and the classic pencil shape. 

 It's a silk cotton blend and is fully lined, it feels so nice on.

It wasn't until I turned it around did I notice the exposed zipper.

I love the unexpected contrast and the little pull on the zipper.  It wasn't my size so I had to do some alterations for a perfect fit. But, when you thrift for $4 a practically new skirt, it's worth it!

With my favorite closet staple, the chambray shirt, it was a simple, fun outfit. The shirt was also a new $1 thrift. I have a J.Crew Selvedge chambray shirt I love and wear often but, it is a weighty shirt and this is a cheaper version of chambray that has the benefit of being whisper thin for warmer spring days.

Finished off with a pearl cascade necklace, a vintage coach purse and classic leather flats I was off and ready for soccer practice. 

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Skirt: Ann Taylor LOFT-thrifted
Shirt: Forever 21-thrifted
Sunnies and Necklace-Walmart
Purse: Coach-thrifted 
Shoes: Land's End

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

On the dock

There's something about white pants that says classic nautical. 

So I thought it was just fitting that these photos be taken on the dock with our 1967 vintage runabout.

My styling of the white denim was not a typical nautical look but the vibe still shines through with this lake setting.

The crystals on the pant's back pockets needed something a bit dressier and I thought this Liberty print blouse was perfect.

 And a pretty bib necklace added some extra color and sparkle.

Shirt: Talbot's-thrifted
Pants: Joe's Jeans-TJ Maxx

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Cinderella skirt

I am loving the maxi skirt.  A trend I didn't initially embrace, but, now, with this skirt, love. 

 I think a maxi skirt is tricky because of the length. Too long and I look like an aging flower child; too short and I look matronly.

With this one I think I come off looking stylishly cool without trying too hard. Not a lot of volume to the skirt and just the right length. And, I have to admit, I felt even better in it when I dropped my daughter off at daycare and the one little girl fell in love. "Oh, you're so pretty, you look like Cinderella"

I added a little pop of sparkle with a sequin trimmed Tee,

And a bit of tough with a pink leather, studded belt.

I kept it casual, no glass slippers, just a simple sandal.

Skirt-thrifted (No label, it looks like it was probably handmade)
Shirt-thrifted-(J.Crew Heirloom T)
Sandals-Payless (here)

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Shine on!

I'm not sure how the color of these pants appears to you on your computer screen but I think this photo probably says it all: they are a very bright yellow.

Because of this I kept this outfit simple. No embellishments with jewelry, 

simple neutral palate: navy blue gingham shirt, nautical inspired belt

 and simple black ballet flats.  

I just let the pants shine on.

Side note: as I look at these pictures I think maybe these pants are a tad short (they are regulars) a perpetual problem...I thrifted a pair of pale pink jeans a few weeks ago and they are sized as "S" for short, they work perfectly for me as cropped! Does anyone else do this?

Pants: Vigoss-thrifted
Shirt: L.O.G.G. (H&M)-thrifted
Belt: Vintage-thrifted
Shoes: Talbots-thrifted

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sweet Birds

This is the first time I've worn this recently thrifted dress. I was drawn immediately to the colors and the vintage inspired print. Though it's not a vintage print or dress it has a certain charm that evokes a different time. The midi-length and a bit of scalloped lace adds to this allure

I wasn't crazy about the dress's straight neckline and spaghetti straps (does any use that term anymore?) so I put this denim shirt over it and pulled it together with a brown braided belt.

I liked the way it all came together.

It gave me an opportunity to wear my thrifted jade bracelet and beaded cuff with another thrifted link bracelet.

Hanging out on the dock with a cute pair of wedges and my coral toes made it feel like summer is almost here!

Dress: Thrifted (IPSA)
Shirt: Thrifted (Old Navy)
Belt: Thrifted (Limited)
Bracelets: Thrifted (unknown)
Shoes: A.Giannetti via TJ Maxx--old

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Learning Curve

It has been way too long since I posted here; lots of grading and other responsibilities prevented me from getting photographs and thinking about my blog. Well, now I am finished with my semester, except for the graduation ceremonies on Sunday and it is time to get serious about this blog! However, I am faced with the reality that I rarely dress up in the summertime. Not only do I not have to go into school everyday, I also live in a rural, laid back lake community. The main item of clothing in the summer is the swimsuit and that is just. NOT. happening. here! So, I think this means I'm going to have to get serious about my summer wardrobe just for you.

So... yesterday I played around with a tripod and the timer on my camera and this is what came out!   I need to work on placement and making sure my entire head and my feet end up in the shot! 

I did a better job here getting the frame filled.

This is how I look on a typical day in the summer. Casual, no makeup, wind blown, unwashed hair and quite frequently sporting my Hunters. 
Best. purchase. ever. I can retrieve anything from the waters edge, go visit the neighbors' horses in their pasture, walk through the "adventure trails" my daughter creates in the local fields and swampy areas. And, look cute, too.

This is my summer version of pattern mixing, stripes and madras. I thrifted this American Eagle striped shirt from the men's department for 50 cents. It is soft and roomy for layers and I really like the way it looks with my blue Hunter's and my J.Crew shorts.

Love the random shoe in this shot!
Shirt: American Eagle-thrifted
Shorts: J.Crew (summer 2008)
Sunnies: Foster Grant Aviators
Boots: Hunter classic Wellington

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thrifted Green?

I'm commonly on the hunt for nice leather bags, vintage or otherwise. However, for this thrift find I was intentionally looking for a nice wallet to replaced my loved, battered and well used Coach wallet. Since I had used the Coach wallet for about 20 years, I knew I was on the hunt for a similar quality wallet and not just any choice would do. Then, I found this Dooney and Bourke all-weather wallet and thought "this may be the one". 

I picked it up and looked it over and saw that it was in almost new condition and had all the types of compartments I like without being too bulky. It is a beige-off white color, so I hesitated, "will it get dirty fast"? I walked around with it in my hand for the longest time and I guess I wasn't completely sold it was what I wanted. But, eventually I decided and I bought it.

I then carried the wallet around in my bag for three weeks before I ever got a free minute to go through my old wallet and replace it with this one. Boy did I get a surprise when I finally did! I had placed my drivers license, all my credit cards and I was going through the less used stuff to tuck in the back, when I found this:

First, I reached in and felt a piece of paper, an old card, in the trash can. I reached in again to put away health cards and felt more paper, pulled it out, $20! And again, until I had pulled out another crisp ten and twenty! $50!

I'm still amazed and I know I will be carrying this lucky, thrifty wallet around for quite some time!  Do you have any amazing thrift stories?

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