Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thrifted Green?

I'm commonly on the hunt for nice leather bags, vintage or otherwise. However, for this thrift find I was intentionally looking for a nice wallet to replaced my loved, battered and well used Coach wallet. Since I had used the Coach wallet for about 20 years, I knew I was on the hunt for a similar quality wallet and not just any choice would do. Then, I found this Dooney and Bourke all-weather wallet and thought "this may be the one". 

I picked it up and looked it over and saw that it was in almost new condition and had all the types of compartments I like without being too bulky. It is a beige-off white color, so I hesitated, "will it get dirty fast"? I walked around with it in my hand for the longest time and I guess I wasn't completely sold it was what I wanted. But, eventually I decided and I bought it.

I then carried the wallet around in my bag for three weeks before I ever got a free minute to go through my old wallet and replace it with this one. Boy did I get a surprise when I finally did! I had placed my drivers license, all my credit cards and I was going through the less used stuff to tuck in the back, when I found this:

First, I reached in and felt a piece of paper, an old card, in the trash can. I reached in again to put away health cards and felt more paper, pulled it out, $20! And again, until I had pulled out another crisp ten and twenty! $50!

I'm still amazed and I know I will be carrying this lucky, thrifty wallet around for quite some time!  Do you have any amazing thrift stories?

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  1. That is absolutely AWESOME! I have found money in a thrifted purse before, but only $5... I would be SO excited to find that much. It's like you got paid to shop :)

  2. I've never found cash! Lucky. :) I did thrift a J Crew dress that didn't end up fitting well, listed it on eBay for $15 and ended up selling it for $60. I was very surprised!


    1. I've been tempted to do something like that or take items to a consignment shop: for things that don't end up working out for me. I never have because somehow I feel that I should just donate it back and let the circle of thrift continue. I think I need to get over it!

  3. WOW! That's amazing! Lucky you! And that wallet looks like it's in great condition!