Friday, May 18, 2012

Shine on!

I'm not sure how the color of these pants appears to you on your computer screen but I think this photo probably says it all: they are a very bright yellow.

Because of this I kept this outfit simple. No embellishments with jewelry, 

simple neutral palate: navy blue gingham shirt, nautical inspired belt

 and simple black ballet flats.  

I just let the pants shine on.

Side note: as I look at these pictures I think maybe these pants are a tad short (they are regulars) a perpetual problem...I thrifted a pair of pale pink jeans a few weeks ago and they are sized as "S" for short, they work perfectly for me as cropped! Does anyone else do this?

Pants: Vigoss-thrifted
Shirt: L.O.G.G. (H&M)-thrifted
Belt: Vintage-thrifted
Shoes: Talbots-thrifted


  1. I usually look for a 34" inseam (which is hard to find!) for my long legs in pants, so yes I also end up with thrifted or sale rack items being a bit too short. Thankfully cropped is in right now with a simple flat or pump.
    Loving the coloured jeans!

  2. I usually either pretend they're supposed to be cropped or I do a rolled cuff. Because yes, finding something long enough in the thrift store just doesn't happen very often.

    I like your bright pants, and that first picture definitely shows how bright they are IRL. You're making the fence glow! :)

    The Suburb Experiment

  3. I've been looking for yellow pants and those are so fabulous!

  4. LOVE your daughters comment about the store of "one & one & one" ... ha ha ha! I guess my girls don't know any different, which is a blessing because they go to a quite affluent school so I am amazed at the confidence they show with thrifted clothes! pippa