Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Learning Curve

It has been way too long since I posted here; lots of grading and other responsibilities prevented me from getting photographs and thinking about my blog. Well, now I am finished with my semester, except for the graduation ceremonies on Sunday and it is time to get serious about this blog! However, I am faced with the reality that I rarely dress up in the summertime. Not only do I not have to go into school everyday, I also live in a rural, laid back lake community. The main item of clothing in the summer is the swimsuit and that is just. NOT. happening. here! So, I think this means I'm going to have to get serious about my summer wardrobe just for you.

So... yesterday I played around with a tripod and the timer on my camera and this is what came out!   I need to work on placement and making sure my entire head and my feet end up in the shot! 

I did a better job here getting the frame filled.

This is how I look on a typical day in the summer. Casual, no makeup, wind blown, unwashed hair and quite frequently sporting my Hunters. 
Best. purchase. ever. I can retrieve anything from the waters edge, go visit the neighbors' horses in their pasture, walk through the "adventure trails" my daughter creates in the local fields and swampy areas. And, look cute, too.

This is my summer version of pattern mixing, stripes and madras. I thrifted this American Eagle striped shirt from the men's department for 50 cents. It is soft and roomy for layers and I really like the way it looks with my blue Hunter's and my J.Crew shorts.

Love the random shoe in this shot!
Shirt: American Eagle-thrifted
Shorts: J.Crew (summer 2008)
Sunnies: Foster Grant Aviators
Boots: Hunter classic Wellington

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  1. nice look, follow you
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  2. Great pattern mixing for summer! Hunter wellies are definitely a staple in my closet too! Thanks for your comment on my blog, and you are definitely never too old/young to wear scallops!

  3. Cute outfit! What a great find with the striped shirt.

    I found your blog recently and have similar summer sentiments as I teach at a college, but this summer I do have a few summer courses. Getting your whole body in a shot was definitely a learning curve for me... so many test shots, but it looks like you're getting the hang of it! Looking forward to seeing what you put together for this summer :)