Monday, November 12, 2012

See me Rawrr

I don't think I would have considered myself to be the type that would wear a leopard print dress. That's a lot of print...and quite a statement. I think over time I've warmed up the idea of leopard. First, it was just a belt, then I added a pair of shoes and then another belt and then another pair of shoes...and more shoes. So for a dress to be my first non accessory leopard it was quite a leap!

And I'm glad I jumped!

Wearing the jacket over the dress toned it down a lot and I think that made me more comfortable with my choice.

Dress and Tights: Target
Utility Jacket: Old Navy-thrifted
Belt: J.Crew (very old like 1987 old)
Boots: Fyre

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  1. I adore leopard. Great addition to any wardrobe! Thanks so much for swinging by Monday Mingle this week!

    ps. here's my latest series called "what to wear" I drop an outfit bomb every saturday!