Thursday, May 16, 2013

Random Kindness

This outfit is the result of a random and generous act of kindness from a sales associate at my local LOFT store. And one I wore to end my last dose dense administration of adriamycin-cytoxan chemotherapy (knocked me out and hopefully explains my absence).

After a Physical Therapy appointment for my lymphedema, I stopped by my local Loft store to scan the sales racks and hopefully be inspired! After trying on a few items, Jill, a sales associate came to help me in the changing room with sizing and alternate options.  As I chose the items I was going to purchase she asked me  "is there anything else in the store you'd like to try on? and I said, no one shirt is enough, my husband will say I don't need anymore clothes!" She insisted and I said pointing "I love those pants", in a few seconds she had them in my size and at the changing room...then she brought a shirt, a pair of shoes and an outfit was born. To finish up this amazing story, once I had the outfit on, she asked me "how to you feel?" and I said "I love it, I feel awesome". Jill then replied to me, "good, because, I'm going to buy that for you!" I cried and said, "NO" and she said "Yes, I can see you've been through enough and proceeded to the check out and bought it for me. 

It is a bit chilly in the infusion area so I added a few layers to the outfit with a chambray shirt and blazer. This blazer has been waiting patiently in my closet for spring, I thrifted it last winter and now I finally get to wear it. And I got so many complements and I had to share the story of Jill with everyone!

Amazing, I am so blessed and I hope I can inspire and help more people as a result of my experiences with cancer. Thank you for all the continued support and prayers. Last Friday I had my first of four dense doses of Taxol and I am feeling pretty well, I plan to catch up with my blogging!

Pants, Shoes and Shirt: LOFT-gift
Chambray: J.Crew 
Blazer: H&M Conscious collection Spring 2012-thrifted
Necklace: walmart


  1. What a beautiful story! I got chills as I read. Jill sounds like a truly amazing woman. I'm so happy you had this experience, I imagine it was really uplifting.

    1. I feel as though I am continually blessed.

  2. Wow! There really are wonderful people in this world! Thanks for sharing the story, and love the outfit! I love layers.

  3. Beautiful to match the incredible story...

  4. You look incredible!
    Such a wonderful act of kindness from Jill, my eyes welled up reading about it.

  5. this gave me chills. what an amazing sales associate and person to recognize what you needed and making that happen for you. so, so inspiring. i bet you will think of her and her kindness every time you wear that outfit. :)