Thursday, June 13, 2013


I think I once made the statement here or at a comment post for another blog that I had never thrifted any item of clothing from Anthropologie. 

Well, I was wrong, and here is the Edme and Esyllte shirt to fess up. I am not that familiar with the store and their labels and I did not know it was from Anthropologie!  

As far as my fashion goes, I'm an east coast, northern preppy through and through! I can spot J.Crew in a thrift store quick as a wink. I think there is also a lot more Crew to be had in the shops I frequent (think Northeast preppy college towns) and I know there is a retail store and a factory store within an hour drive. The closest Anthropologie retail store is 101 miles away.

One of the fun aspects of thrifting is being introduced to new brands either current or vintage and I always enjoy learning more about different clothing labels. So I will keep my eyes open for more but still stick with my style aesthetic.

Shirt: Edme and Esyllte- Anthropologie-thrifted
Skirt: LOFT
Jacket: French Connection (old)
Booties: Target


  1. I am the same way with LOfT clothing here... I did a post of my recent finds today, where I had unfamiliar names and one sweater is currently being sold on their website for $189.00. It's fun to find some that are new to you and explore their retail cost..
    I love this entire look! The boots look great with this, but with temps up to mid 90's , it's sandals all the way!

    1. WOW,that's warm! I can still wear booties, the temperatures here have been hovering in the 50's with a few days hitting 60. Summer doesn't happen here until July or August.
      I know it's so much fun to find out about an amazing brand that was thrifted.

  2. that store is tricky! They don't actually have clothing called "anthropologie", but different labels by different companies. After some research I found that on every tag, there is a "RN" number...If it's from anthro, it will be #66170.
    Just a little trick! Anyways, I love the outfit, and I am the same way with that store. I've never actually purchased anything there, but I have several thrifted Items!

    1. Thanks for the awesome tip!! I'll have to check my shirt out...and keep looking

  3. Fun outfit! Enjoyed reading the comments about different store brands.
    Love following your blog. Happy Sunday