Thursday, March 15, 2012

I love this skirt...and winter...

I'd been looking for a black, tweedy gray pencil skirt for some time and stumbled upon this wool number, it's really beautiful. It's more of a mini than a pencil but, I. LOVE.IT. 

Skirt: Ann Taylor- thrifted

There is only one draw back to the skirt and the memory of these pictures...It was a really cold wintery day in March and I got sick the day I was wearing it. Now, one week post illness, in all the splendor of springy 65F degree weather I can't help but look at these pictures (and the skirt) and get slightly nauseated. I'm hoping as the memory of winter and my week long bout of Norovirus fades, I will fall in love, again.

Sweater: Ann Taylor (100% Cashmere):  thrifted
Tissue T-neck: J.Crew
Tights: Assets-Target
Gloves: Leather vintage Aris-thrifted
Loafers: TJ Maxx (Very old )

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