Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thrifted Gold

One of my favorite things to thrift is jewelry (well... maybe one of many) and I always try to make a point of looking through the awful or ugly to find those hidden treasures. But, I will say that these two recent finds at two different thrift stores were my crowning glory of thrift.  Both are beautiful and 14kt gold! I don't know how they got past the handlers but when I saw them and knew what I had, I contained my joy until I left the store. Total cost: $6.00!
 Gold hoops: 14kt gold thrifted $3.00 (sorry the photo isn't great)

14kt Gold Starfish pendant-thrifted- $3.00

It's fitting that this sand dollar pendant is an organism and even an invertebrate, it just warms my biology loving heart. I plan to do another post soon on many great costume jewelry finds.

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  1. Hi found you from High on Thrifting Thursday. I love finding jewelry too but have not come across real gold... nice finds.Happy Thrifting :)