Thursday, March 1, 2012

Red or Not?

I never wear red. NEVER. EVER. then I thrifted this gorgeous red, 100% silk blouse for $4.00. I think my reluctance to wear red has to do with my thought that I don't look good in red. I really had no intentions of posting this outfit on my blog but, I came home and my husband said "hey, do you want me take a picture of your outfit" so we took pictures of my outfit.

Here they are; do I look good in red?
 Boots: Target
Blouse: Talbot's-Thrifted
Skirt: Ann Taylor-Thrifted
Belt: Target


  1. Hey neighbor! You are stunning in this outfit! It's my favorite outfit yet! I am green with envy of the $4 purchase!! The boots and the belt are the icing on the cake.....!

  2. I know, I love those gray suede boots,too. Thanks for visiting and posting a comment!