Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Made in the USA

I didn't intend to ever post a swimsuit picture here on my blog but, this outfit warranted the lapse in judgement.

This is an outfit I wear commonly since I live on a lake and I like to swim, boat and essentially have fun in the water.

It was only a week ago that I realized that all of these garments were made in the USA. A real rarity these days.

The swim suit is from J.Crew and I think I've had it since the mid 1990's. I love the color and fit although the bandeau top is starting to lose elasticity and fade, I still wear it. The skirt is Fresh Produce and is about 10 years old and I thrifted the lace top earlier this summer and it is American Apparel.

So this is a plug for thrifting, for keeping your clothes in your closet and for knowing that someone was paid a decent wage to bring these to me. And I'd like to think that the obvious durability was the result of excellent workmanship.

Shirt: American Apparel-thrifted
Skirt: Fresh Produce
Swimsuit: J.Crew


  1. Go you and your ethical outfit! Nice!

    1. You got my ear...and I'm trying to make better choices...trying to, we'll see how the fall season comes about.

  2. I'm always happy to see the "Made in the U.S.A." tag in clothing too.
    You look great in a swimsuit!

  3. love the stuff so much, perfect for summer!:)

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