Friday, August 31, 2012

Once in a Blue Moon

Okay so this is my place to share, to contribute and to have my say on life, fashion and style. And it has honestly been a great way to assert myself and find some individuality that was lacking in my life. Through this I've realized how much time and energy I put into what I wear, how I wear it, how I prepare to wear it and what I pay to wear it. Fashion is fleeting and I'm sure fashion bloggers come and go everyday. I don't want to be just another fashion casualty. I want this blog to be a true reflection of my style, my life. 

I recently took inventory of what I have thrifted this year and in that recount it occurred to me that I've only shared a fraction of these pieces in my outfit posts here. So, to be honest with myself, and my "need" to thrift I am not going to purchase anything more until I have showcased what I have here on this blog. I originally thought that I would just set out to do this and you would be none the wiser if I thrifted a bit here and there and then I realized I wanted to keep myself accountable and in doing so I am sharing this with you.

So today is a blue moon, the second full moon of a month, and this is my once in a blue moon post where I am actually focusing myself and looking critically at my fashion and my style habits. I will probably come back to this over the course of this journey and hopefully I will come out of this with a more keen thrifting eye, a better sense of  my style and a relevant, organized closet! 

So, along the way you may see these Earnest Sewn jeans,

This amazing vintage, printed pencil skirt,

This vintage maxi skirt and blouse ensemble

and this vintage, black leather jacket.

And about 25 more pieces, stay tuned!


  1. Cute finds! Can't wait to see the outfits.

  2. What great finds! LOVE the printed vintage pencil skirt and the black leather jacket! Maybe wear them together? What FAB pieces!
    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

    1. I know that is probably my favorite piece...just waiting for the right opportunity! Stay tuned you'll definitely see it soon.

  3. I totally get that. You gotta take stock. I just scolded myself for going thrift store shopping even though I haven't worn everything I got the last time I went yet!

  4. Keep me honest, no thrifting until I've worn it all!

  5. I so love your skirt! what you have in mind is what I have in my mind too. Yesterday, I told myself not to shopped anymore (even if it is thrifted) because I found out I still have some cloths that I have not wear and never been into the limelight yet ^_^ What I also show in my blog I wore it not just to showcase a dress style. I can go with the trend but with a certain twist ^_^ For now I am set not to shop for a month! Crossing my fingers on that and good luck to you too. A new follower here...happy weekend!

    Kim, USA

  6. I love these finds, my fav is the vintage maxi skirt and shirt. I love thrifting because it is like a treasure hunt and when you find something cool it is such a great feeling. This is a great idea to showcase your stuff.


  7. Right after I read this post, I read the post by My Edit about being a "shopaholic" (I noticed you read it too, lol, I saw your comment) and I was really inspired by you two! I'm going to join you on your goal to hold off from thrifting until you share what you've already bought. I have that same "need" to thrift, and it's time that I dealt with it! Great post :)

  8. I'm digging that black leather jacket. Really want to see how you style it!
    I'm seriously trying to edit my clothes, but as soon as I do, I replace them! uugghrrr!