Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I saw this brand new embellished leather jacket over the span of a few trips to my favorite thrift stop before I actually convinced myself I should spend the three dollars to buy it. Your first response to that sentence may have been, "what, are you crazy, not buy it for $3?"

I live and teach in a small rural area with a very upscale liberal arts university that draws people from all over the globe. In the shop I frequent most often they set prices very reasonably and the merchandise can be very high end. I know this and only buy those items that I will wear and use. I don't do resale (nothing against those who do, I just don't have the time) and I shop with my taste and needs in mind. 

 With that being said, the jacket was a large (14) and too big for me, I tried it on and thought that the shoulders looked okay even though it was quite roomy in the body. This jacket smelled wonderful, that real leather smell that doesn't quickly go away and was well made and beautifully embellished. Well, I thought it may be perfect with a sweater under it and the lady working that day agreed and convinced me to buy it and try it.

Then, once at home, I became curious and I wanted to know more about the brand, Margaret Godfrey. A quick search online turned up this same jacket at overstock.com for $169.99 and this exact one for a suggested retail of $486.00. All that was amazing but, I really wanted to know if there was a Margaret Godfrey who potentially designed it or was the creative expression behind it...then I found this archived newspaper clipping from the Montreal Gazette, Aug 18, 1970 and got some history about a young English woman, Maggie, who immigrated to Canada and landed a job with a clothing manufacturing company and worked her way through to being a successful designer. She now owns and operates Bagatelle International in Quebec.

So, now I have a story to go with this jacket that makes it so much more interesting and one of the many reasons why I thrift!

Leather Jacket:Margaret Godfrey-thrifted
Boots and Jeans: Target
Snood: LOFT-consignment shop Clothes Mentor

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  1. OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS! $3??????????? WOW! and i would have just snatched it up because of the detailing alone. (bit jealous here) but WOW, so pleased you bought it and ...you didn't the first two times? wow, shocking. it was meant for you and for you to post about it.

  2. What a unique piece! That's why I love thrifting! I have a giveaway on my blog today in case you like winning free stuff!


    1. I know, all the same can be found at the mall...thrifting turns up a few gems. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  3. I LOVE the color of your snood. I've seen a few bloggers wearing the same one and I want it EVERY time :) The color looks great with your complexion.