Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Next Step

I love having this blog as a diversion from my everyday life. I love the connection with other women and just the fun of seeing what others have created, fashioned or found. When I was diagnosed with cancer last week I first thought that I wouldn't be blogging anymore and now as the days have unfolded, I realize I want to keep this up. I probably won't thrift much but, for now, I still get dressed and cook and need to have a creative outlet.

My postings may be less frequent and the pictures will show an evolving woman with breast cancer. I don't have a clear picture of the path I will take. I've met with a surgeon for my mastectomy and she ordered additional tests: CT scans, MRI's and bone scan to get a better picture of the risk to my other breast or if the metastasis goes beyond the lymph nodes. Your continued support and connection is very important to me. So, hopefully my next post will be a fun outfit with some thrifted treasure. Thank you for your continued prayers.  Christine


  1. Still sending up prayers, Christine! For both you and your doctors. So glad you have your blog as a small diversion. Good for you for keeping it up. Your attitude is amazing :)

  2. Hi Christine.

    Praying for you, your family, and your team of physicians. Use your blog as your outlet. We all love you. :)

  3. Diversions are great things during stressful times in life.
    I hope you do get to do some thrifting, you inspired me to start thrifting.
    So far I've come up almost empty handed from my thrifting trips. I've looked in second
    hand clothing stores only to find name brand clothes priced at almost the same price as t.j.maxx. I also checked out goodwill and found nothing. I'll keep trying... There has got to be a secret to it that I have not yet discovered.
    Good thoughts and prayers going out to you.