Thursday, October 3, 2013

Peplum and Stripes

I finally thrifted a top to join all of blog land on the peplum trend.

This is the outfit I wore to be interviewed for a story on young women, binge drinking and breast cancer.

If you want to check out the story, click here 

Shirt: Ann Taylor-thrifted
Skirt: Wolford- thrifted
Shoes:  bamboo-thrifted


  1. You are beautiful inside and out. Thank you for sharing the link to the article about young women and breast cancer. It's a eye opener.
    Love the peplum shirt. Always look forward to the posts on your blog.

  2. Hey Christine, it's me back again.. I went back to revisit the link you shared above and noticed the interview.
    It was great to hear your voice. You did a awesome job answering the questions . I still feel shocked when I think about you having cancer.

    You inspire me in so many ways. And your style rocks

  3. You look GREAT, Christine! I'm jealous of your thrifted peplum - I haven't found a cute peplum top yet, but I'm on the hunt. The stripes are so cute on you! Great find.