Wednesday, October 23, 2013

This bag!

If you are wondering why I would post these outfit pictures looking pretty rumpled and crumpled...

There is a reason....even though I do like these clothes...

This outfit post was brought to you to highlight this like new bag I bought from a resale store* for $30. 

The Longchamp Le Pilage bag, navy with leather accents. In the store I did a quick over view of the bag and was pretty confident it was authentic before laying down my money. Personally and ethically I have a problem with counterfeit goods, to me it is plagiarism and fraud and I wouldn't want to support either.  Once I got home I went online and found a website that had a very comprehensive detailing of fake vs. authentic and everything was perfect. I think I have a good eye and can spot quality and workmanship whether I know the brand or not; this bag had all the hallmarks of quality.

Shirt: J.Crew-fall 2012
Pants: Joe's-thrifted
Leopard belt: Target
Bag: Longchamp-thrifted*

*I have been having an internal dialogue of whether or not something is thrifted if you buy it second hand at a used clothing resale store...more thoughts on that would warrant a full post.


  1. Awesome! I love great finds like this and knowing I saved so much money by getting it secondhand! You look great.

  2. You don't look rumpled and crumpled. You do look gorgeous and healthy! I like what you have on. Wonderful bag and belt. Hugs

  3. I also have that same question...I'd totally be interested on your thoughts! Can't wait for that post! Great find :)

  4. What a fabulous find and great job trusting your instincts!

  5. Just dropping by to say I'm thinking about you!
    Positive thoughts and prayers for you