Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Commentary on Thrifting

I am behind in my blog posting and I have had many good outfits come and go without pictures. I like to take pictures of me actually wearing things; it seems more authentic than just posting a picture of the clothes or adding a polyvore set. So my lack of posting is linked to my lack of photos.

I've taken some time out for thrifting, consignment shop buying and resale store visiting. This activity has got me thinking "what is thrifting?" and how I present the goods I purchase. I don't frequent a lot of different stores but the common theme is that they contain second hand clothing. So, I wonder, how do we define a shop as a thrift shop? Does a consignment store or a resale shop fit into this definition? The online dictionary defines thrifty as: "wise economy in the management of money and other resources; frugality". At all of these stores I pay a fraction of retail (20% or less), so I would consider all of them "thrift shops" where I practice the art of buying fashionable items at a fraction of retail. If you want to call me out on my designation of an item as thrifted when it comes from a consignment or resale shop, go ahead, I'm ready to defend my position.

These are the local shops I frequent, they are located in the town I live or work or are within 10-20 miles:

The Key- a church run shop that takes clothing in on consignment and also sells donated clothes.

Worn Again-a church run shop that takes in donated clothing and resells it. (They also have a voucher program where people of need in the community can come and select items for free).

Salvation Army-a full selection thrift store that sells donated items.

Plato's Closet-a franchised resale store for young adults, in general they buy and resell brands that are popular for teens.

The Clothes Mentor- a franchised resale store for women, they buy used items that are up 24 months old.

EcoChic- a consignment store for women's clothing.

Sunshine shop-a church run shop that takes in donated clothing and resells it. 

Encore-a local shop that takes in donated clothing and resells it to donate money back to local symphonic and orchestral groups.

Sandy's Thrift Shop- a women's clothing shop filled with used clothing purchased elsewhere by the owner.

The only place I haven't purchased anything from is Sandy's, the prices are higher than I would pay for the type of merchandise she has selected. I can get those same items at the Salvation Army for a fraction of the price. I totally love that she set up a shop like that in the University town where I teach but, I seriously think she could use me as a consultant or buyer!

I'm really into the Clothes Mentor lately, I find great quality items in brand new condition so I don't mind paying $14 for a J.Crew skirt that retails for $108, or the same for a Tibi dress that retails at around $300.
Love this skirt! Stay tuned for my styling.
I also picked up for $10 a gorgeous Stella and Dot necklace (on left) that retailed for about $200.

I've been to Plato's closet once and came home with unworn black suede Coach wedges, a Longchamp bag and a pair of J.Crew leopard patent leather ballet flats! Not your typical teen brands so I will definitely go back!   

Coach Wedges-$30

Shopping at The Key, trying out a pair of lace shorts, I scored these for four dollars.  Wearing a pair of $1 J. Crew espadrilles purchased at Worn Again.


So there you have it:  where I get my clothes, what I pay and why I thrift!


  1. Loved this post!!! You are the one who got me hooked on thrifting. My inspiration, my thrifting friend. Loved reading where you thrift and about the shops. I just wish we lived in the same town. I feel like I could often due your advice accessorizing and putting things together.

    1. Thanks, Kathy, I always love to see your comments. Have you had luck finding items? I hope so, it takes patience and when you least expect it, you find something great! If you're visiting upstate anytime soon (the snow and 17 degree weather may deter you) I can take you to some of these places:)