Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Final Fall

I found these pictures on my camera and realized I do have something to post! Our apple tree was very productive this year.

This will be the final post where it looks like fall...we've had snow the last three days with temperatures in the teens (17 F)!

Long gone are the days of a silk blouse and a light jacket with flats and no socks!

Jacket: Brooklyn Industries-gift
Shirt: LOFT
Pants: J Brand


  1. Oh I love sweater weather! We get so few days in the south that are cold enough to wear true winter clothes. I am jealous of your snow! You look great! Is your hair coming back a little bit curly?

    1. A little bit curly in the back, too short still to really know what it will do! I've always thought that living in the south has its' appeal but, I love the change of seasons and the renewal it brings. Thanks as always for your comments and support!