Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Mommy, let's make a skirt

This is the first blog post that solely features my daughter. She is an artist and a little fashionista...wonder where that comes from? 

Together we watch Project Runway and independently she "designs" clothes, i.e. she makes drawings of elaborate gowns and asks me to help her sew them.  We went to the fabric store she picked out some fabric and What I was able to do, was help her sew was a simple skirt. She was thrilled!

Such a serious pose, I should know, this is serious business. Note: we had a really warm Saturday morning for November (50 F) so it was easy to take these photos outside. Now, we are back to snow!


  1. What a cutie, love that skirt too! She's beautiful!

  2. I see a future super model, trend setting fashionista. So adorable!
    Cute little skirt, love the fabric. Your sewing project made me smile, memories of my own childhood revisited.
    What a wonderful view of the lake you have.