Thursday, June 7, 2012

Too tall shoes?

The last time I wore these shoes my husband told me that "I was too tall to wear those kind of shoes". Well, as you can see I wore them again. This time with Bermuda shorts to balance out the proportions of this look. 

I don't think for wedges they are particularly high but they are certainly taller than shoes I typically wear.

I think these are six foot high fence sections. Too tall?
I paired the J.Crew shorts with a red silk shirt and a navy polka dot belt to give a nautical feel. I like the sleeves on the shirt rolled up rather than straight down. I think this calls for some alterations.

And now as I look at these pictures with the shoes on, I must be six feet tall. So that's why, he just doesn't want me to be as tall as he is! 

Shorts: J.Crew
Shirt: thrifted
Belt: L.L.Bean
Shoes: Mossimo-Target
Necklace: Old-I think it came from Forever 21


  1. Oh, I think your wedges are great! Are they still in stores....although, I'm not sure that I would be able to walk in them! ;) Amanda

  2. I think the shoes look great, too! And your irises are gorgeous!

  3. Beautiful look!!!
    Take a look on my blog and if you like we can follow each other?
    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥