Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A little more ankle...

Another warmish day and an opportunity to bare some skin, on my ankle that is.

 I loved the way this outfit came together with such a classic feel.

Aviators, red pants,silk shirt, leopard and a trench: timeless pieces for my fashion collection.

Trench Coat: Banana Republic
Pants: J.Crew Minnie
Shirt: J.Crew (2008)
Flats: Mossimo-Target
Necklace: Walmart


  1. What a treat having you post regularly again. Thank you! Everything you put on looks great. I think you are one of those rare folks who could wear a burlap bag and make it look good! Classic, cute, fun outfit.
    You remain in my prayers

  2. Very classic look with a twist on trend via the shoes and ankle pants. It's been nice to wear ballet flats and get out of my boots...